Voted Best Sun Room For 2012

Florida Room Design in Winter Park, FL

Call now for a free Florida room design quote in Winter Park, Florida.  Every Sun Room starts out with a vision.  Your vision. It’s up to us to design and deliver your vision.  With your input and our expert crew we will create the room of your dreams.

Allow our company to create a unique sunroom in Winter Park for your custom location and home. We have found it to be more affordable to spend adequate time planning your sun room with your options then just showing up with a standard package sun room with limited or no options.

We design the room you want to fit your budget.  From very affordable category 2 sunroom enclosures all the way up to category 5 sunroom additions. Each category has unique building code, energy code and electrical code requirements.

Ask about our free glass upgrade to LOW E 366 with our Superior Window Collection.  This offer is good till the end of the year.

For instance, a category 2 sun room has windows made from soft plastic called vinyl, or hard plastic called acrylic.  These come with warning stickers that say they must be removed when the wind speed exceeds 75 mph.  The vent may blow out in high winds and have no design pressure.  This type of room does not meet code for an A.C. unit.  A category 3 sun room is a glass window room that does meet the wind and design pressure for hurricane force winds, but does not meet the energy code for an A.C. unit.  A category 4 sun room meets code for design pressure and hurricane force winds as well as the energy code and is approved for the installation of an A.C. unit and will require electrical outlets.

On most sun rooms we can use your existing walls and roof and install windows to create the sunroom you have dreamed of and saving you time and money.

We have been designing and installing sunrooms patio enclosures since 1972 and have been recognized with many awards throughout the state of Florida. We have a complete showroom with all the different windows and door options.  Please take the time to talk with one of our reps. or visit or showroom, you’ll be glad you did.



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