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Includes: Screen, Aluminum Extrusions, Elite Roof Systems, Rhino Roof System, Superior Riser Roof System, Gutter, Caulking, Fasteners, Vinyl, Window Rescreen In Our Office, Vinyl Rescreen In Our Office.

Does Not Include: Any Products Installed.

Find Your Wind Speed For Your Screen Room

Have you ever wondered what is the building wind speed for your area?  Check out “http://www.atcouncil.org/windspeed/”

Find out what your screen room should be built to.

This is a great site to figure out exactly the minimum wind speed needed to build your screen  or sun room.  This is one of the tools we use when we design your room addition.

Sunrooms Orlando

Affordable Sun Room

Sunrooms Orlando

Category 4 Sunroom

Screen Room With A Solid Roof and A Screen Roof Combination On Brick Pavers in Orlando


Please Click On The Link To View An Incredible Backyard Transformation

This video was made by our customer.  He did a really good job.  Please take the time and watch as he transforms his unused backyard into a tranquil retreat.

Royal Pavers worked with the homeowner direct and we added the screen room and screen enclosure.  We attached our screen walls through the pavers and into a monolithic footer.  The screen room has Elite’s Insulated Roof System and perimeter drip edge fascia trim.  We fabricated the screen walls using our hidden fastener system.  The major challenge was to design a roof high enough for a fan going around a built out bay window wall on an already low house roof line.  In the early 90′s at a house in Orlando my brother and I designed  a build up system using super gutter and a structural integrated beam the results were amazing. From that first Orlando screen room we have constructed hundreds of similar rooms and won many awards for best screen room.

Enjoy the video.
Orlando Screen Room With Screen Enclosure Combination

Sunrooms Orlando

Orlando Gable Sunroom With Our Superior Glass Wall System





Sunrooms Orlando

Gable Orlando Sunroom With Our Glass Build Up System Above the House Roofline

Voted Best Screen Room, Sun Room, and Vinyl Room For 2012

Acrylic and Vinyl Room Central Florida on YouTube

Sunrooms Orlando

Acrylic Window Room

Superior Aluminum Was Voted Best Screen Room, Best Sun Room, and Best Vinyl Room For 2012

On November 10, 2012 a screen room we built in Sanford Florida was voted Best Screen Room in the State of Florida.  Our screen room was built using an insulated Elite Roof and had a tile roof installed over the Elite Roof to match the tile roof of the home.  After much discussion with the homeowners we decided on bronze aluminum frame with Super Screen from floor to ceiling.

Our next award was for Best Sunroom / glass room and was built in Poinciana at the Solivita Community.  This room is a category 4 sun room, which means it adds livable square footage to the home and meets Florida Energy Code and is cooled and heated with a mini split ac unit.  We did a double roof system with Elite’s Insulated Roof System and Tile Roof Panels.  Our glass walls have heat reflecting glass manufactured by Cardinal from Ocala Florida called low E 240 with argon gas, and a slight tint to remove the sun’s afternoon glare.

The final win for the day was for Best Vinyl Room / Acrylic Room.  This acrylic room is in Orlando and has a built up gable Elite Roof System that transitions into a studio style roof line.  We used cement siding with a stucco design for the kick plate and painted it to match the home.  Our vinyl windows have a bronze tint with bronze aluminum frames.

We have now won a total of 55 awards for screen rooms, sun rooms, glass rooms, vinyl rooms, acrylic rooms, pool enclosures, carports, and house windows.

Screen Room and Sunroom Custom Roof

Superior Aluminum Installations, Inc your screen room contractor has over 40 years experience in custom designing and building screen rooms and sun rooms with custom roofs to match your existing home roof. Some homeowners associations do not allow white finished aluminum roofs.  Our Elite Roof Screen Rooms and Sun Rooms can be constructed with a shingle or tile roof.  Look close at the roofs on our screen room and sun room photos and you will see many with the standard white aluminum roof, a few with shingles and some with tile roofs.  Our Elite Roof System comes in 3″, 4″, 6″, and 8″ thicknesses and is engineered to over 150 mph.

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Custom Screen Room and Sun Room Roof

Elite Roof With Tile Voted Best Screen Room 2012

Elite Roof With Tile Voted Best Sun Room

Elite Roof With Tile Voted Best Sun Room 2012

Standard White Elite Roof Gable Screen Room

Standard White Elite Roof Gable Screen Room

Shingled Elite Roof System Gabled Sun Room

Shingled Elite Roof System Gable Sun Room


Sunrooms Orlando

Our Sunrooms are built with custom glass windows. These windows are part of the energy star rating program. This allows us to build sunrooms which are highly energy efficient and create livable space for your home. Our glass is available in tempered or laminated for your safety and security.

We can use your existing walls and roof and install windows to create the sunroom you have dreamed of or we can design a room from concrete to roof with electric for your pleasure.

We have been designing and installing sunrooms since 1972 and have been recognized with many awards throughout the state of Florida. We have also been named WESH Channel 2 Home Pro for sunrooms and screen rooms.

Press play to view a movie that features some of our sunroom projects


Solivita Florida Room


This beautiful Florida room was made with 9 acrylic window sliders with 9 picture windows mounted overhead.  Prime entry door added with a full singlehung window.

Solivita Sunroom with Screen Enclosure

This beautiful Glassroom and Screen Enclosure was designed by Larry Brace for Mr. Lester Miller living in Solivita.  The glassroom features: This beautiful Glassroom and Screenroom combination was designed by Larry Brace for Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Kleinman living in Solivita.  The glassroom features: Elite 2000 room with Elite Insulated windows with cardinal 240 Low E2 windows, 4″ thick insulated Elite roof with metal tiles, with a superior 4″ flush wall system with hidden fastener system, Installation of concrete slab, PGT sliding glass door with same glass.  The screen enclosure is a custom mansard screen enclosure with 8′ doors, super gutter custom bay, Installed electric to code + 220 volts for air conditioner and hottub.   Air conditioner was also installed with room.

Solivita Glassroom with Screenroom

Sunroom Solivita

This beautiful Glassroom and Screenroom combination was designed by Larry Brace for Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Kleinman living in Solivita.  The glassroom features: tinted PGT aluminum windows, 4″ thick insulated Elite roof, with a superior 4″ flush wall system and concrete board (painted the color of the home) flush inside and outside with hidden fastener system.

Solivita Sunrooms and Screenrooms

Sunrooms and Floridarooms are affordable room additions.

Our professional designers custom design each room to fit your needs and budget.

For the 11th time Superior Aluminum Installations, Inc of Central Florida won the Best Sunroom category from the Aluminum association of Florida.  Over the years Superior Aluminum has proven their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction by winning 47 awards of excellence.  Our rooms in Solivita are award winning rooms!