Screen Room Do It Yourself Sale 10% OFF

2013 Kickoff Sale:  Purchase materials through our Do It Yourself Division and we will take an additional 10% your invoice. This offer is good for orders dated 01/04/2013 to 01/31/2013.

Please Visit Our Showroom /  Do It Yourself Counter Desk.

Includes: Screen, Aluminum Extrusions, Elite Roof Systems, Rhino Roof System, Superior Riser Roof System, Gutter, Caulking, Fasteners, Vinyl, Window Rescreen In Our Office, Vinyl Rescreen In Our Office.

Does Not Include: Any Products Installed.

Hurricane Protection

Hurricane Protection

Hurricane Protection

It’s hurricane season. Is your family and home protected from potentially damaging storms?
Hurricane windows manufactured by and professionally installed by Superior Aluminum protect homes against airborne debris from strong winds, storms and other forms of violent weather—as well as provide numerous additional benefits. They help protect against intrusion and provide a greater level of safety. These windows also help block harmful UV light, deaden sound and make your home more energy efficient and comfortable.
In the event of violent weather, you won’t need to do anything with your windows other than to ensure that they’re closed and locked. And—unlike windows covered by shutters or plywood—you’ll have daylight in your home when the electricity is out during and after bad weather.
Hurricane impact windows from Superior Aluminum feature three panes of glass—two of which sandwich an invisible yet tough protective interlayer. They also feature a high-performance SolarControl Max® Low-E coating, argon gas between the panes and heavy-duty double locks. Hurricane impact replacement windows protect your home against airborne debris from strong winds, storms and other forms of violent weather. Superior Aluminum hurricane replacement windows have passed ASTM E 1886-04/1996-04 tests and therefore provide Level “C” protection—up to 130 miles per hour.
In a class of their own, these windows are as beautiful as they are durable.
Hurricane season is already here. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call Superior Aluminum today for your free, no obligation in-home consultation.