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Voted Best Screen Room 2010

Central Florida Award Winning Screen Room Designs.  Superior Aluminum Screen Room is your one stop shop for screen room and accessories in Central Florida.  Find everything you need for a do-it-yourself project, or take advantage of our full service professional installation.

Voted Best Screen Room 2012

Voted Best Screen Room 2012

Call or visit our showroom today and see why Central Florida come to Superior Aluminum for screen rooms.  Voted Best Screen Room 2012.  Also Voted Best Screen Room years 2010, 2009, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1998, 1997, 1995, 1994.

Gable Screen Room With Outdoor Patio Roof

Voted Best Screen Room 200


Whether you want to build one of our award winning screen room designs or one of our standard models, all of our screen rooms are built using our advanced construction techniques.   We have developed a concealed fastener attachment.  This allows us to hide many of the unsightly screws and bolts seen on many of our competitors screen room.

Take the time to stop by our show room.  You will be glad you did.

outdoor kitchen screen room

Voted Best Screen Room 2009

Screen Room Do It Yourself Sale 10% OFF

2013 Kickoff Sale:  Purchase materials through our Do It Yourself Division and we will take an additional 10% your invoice. This offer is good for orders dated 01/04/2013 to 01/31/2013.

Please Visit Our Showroom /  Do It Yourself Counter Desk.

Includes: Screen, Aluminum Extrusions, Elite Roof Systems, Rhino Roof System, Superior Riser Roof System, Gutter, Caulking, Fasteners, Vinyl, Window Rescreen In Our Office, Vinyl Rescreen In Our Office.

Does Not Include: Any Products Installed.

Peel & Seal

Peel & Seal® PowerBondWhite 250is the ideal choice to tape seams on insulated aluminum panels to create a lasting, waterproof bond. It is also an excellent choice as a flashing material, for roof and gutter repair, window flashing and as a general purpose waterproofing membrane. The product can be applied in temperatures as low as 25°F, perfect for low temperature applications. After installation, Peel & Seal® PowerBond White 250 may be exposed to sunlight indefinitely.
Peel & Seal® PowerBondWhite 250 Features• Excellent waterproof/weatherproof membrane• Available in 4” or 6” widths by 50’ length• Aggressively sticks to most surfaces• Single-ply, one-step installation• Puncture and abrasion resistant

• Flexible design – conforms to odd shapes

and stretches for building movement

• Lightweight, easy to handle and install

• Compatible with EPDM roofs by utilizing

WeatherBond™ Primer

• 12-Year limited warranty

The key to the effectiveness of Peel & Seal®PowerBond White 250 is a highly aggressiveasphalt adhesive that is combined with a UVstable outer film to form a long-lasting protectivebarrier. The product is thinner than Peel & Seal®,making it easier to install while having the same

performance values. Peel & Seal® PowerBond

White 250 – the ultimate choice!


MFMBuildingProducts – The Right Choice
MFM backs all of our products with more than50 years of research, experience and dedicationto the industry, making us the recognizedinnovator and manufacturer of self-adheringmembranes. We continually test and evaluateall of our products to ensure the highest quality,

most value-based products available.

EPA Lead Safe Certificate



Superior Aluminum Installations, Inc is a EPA Lead Safe certified firm.  We adhere to the strict guidelines to safely work on your project with lead based paint present in the home.  To view our certificate please click on the following link:

Link to Lead Safe Certificate



Vinyl window cleaner

Superior Aluminum Installations
carries a specially formulated vinyl window cleaner that cleans,
polishes and leaves a protective coating.  The special formula can
be used on Lexan, Plexiglass, Lucite, Acrylite, Isinglass and all other


This is a 10 year old
vinyl pet door that has been cleaned regularly with regular
window cleaner.

This is the same vinyl
window cleaned with our special vinyl window cleaner.


Great for use
on vinyl windows, skylights, and storm windows!


Aluminum Enclosure With An Insulated Aluminum Roof

This is an aluminum screen room enclosure with an insulated Elite aluminum roof. This won best screen room in the state of Florida in 2004.