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Voted Best Screen Room 2012

Screen Room

A screen room in Winter Park can add a great deal of enjoyment to your home by providing a space that is open to the sun without being exposed to the elements. With a screen room, you get the best of both worlds in an affordable, comfortable area that drinks in the sun and keeps out the rain, insects, and other pests that can ruin outdoor relaxation.

There are a number of reasons why you should consider a screen room for your home. Here are just a few to help you understand the advantages a screen room brings to your house.

Proper Size

Our screen rooms are measured with a laser device that calculates precisely the area needed to encompass your screen room which will be built to those standards. This means that your screen room is customized to your home so that it fits properly and creates the most interior space for your needs.

Superior Construction

Built on an aluminum framework that was made in the USA, our screen rooms are well constructed and include weather stripping inside the door frames for added comfort and reduced noise as the doors do not contact the metal, but the softer stripping instead.

There are also kick plates at the bottom portion of the screen room wall which give additional protection against weed eaters and lawnmowers that pass by. This means that any damage that is caused by thrown rocks or the impact of the lawn care units is done to the plates and not the screen room itself. Now your screen room can stay intact and looking sharp for many years to come.

We eschew the exposed angled brackets in constructing screen rooms and instead use the aluminum hidden fastener system, which gives greater support and is more secure, not to mention it is part of the walls themselves, which provides for a little more interior room and greater stability.

Unlike some other companies, we use cement siding on our screen rooms for additional protection, plus they come with a lifetime warranty so that if you should incur damage that falls under the policy you are completely protected.


Our screen rooms come with a standard gutter system just like your home, which means that water will drain away from the screen room and not have a place to build up. Add to that our solar seal power bond seam tape and you have a fully insulated, well constructed screen room that is well insulated year round.

With four decades of experience in constructing the finest screen rooms in Florida, we have the knowledge, materials, service and reputation you expect when adding a wonderful screen room to your home. Our screen rooms exceed Florida’s Building Code and are designed with you in mind. We understand how to construct screen rooms and have hundreds of satisfied customers who can attest to the durable construction that we provide.

So call and find out why more Floridians are turning towards our company in providing a high quality screen room for their homes.

The Superior Screen Room Package Voted Best Screen Room For 2012

  • Screen Room walls are built with aluminum framework that is extruded in the USA not imported from China.
  • Have you ever heard that loud bang or clang when a screen door shuts? That is from aluminum hitting aluminum, the aluminum door is directly hitting the aluminum framework. We designed our screen door with a weather stripping molded into the aluminum frame. When you close our door you only hear the satisfaction of a completely sealed screen door.
  • Kick Plates are the bottom portion of a screen room wall that give protection from lawn mowers and weed eaters while adding a decorative element to your screen room. Have you ever seen dented or warped kick plate? Most companies use thin aluminum with cheap trim and surface screw about every 8″ the kick plate to their wall. This method is fast and cheap and can cause the thin aluminum coil to bend or twist. Also, aluminum coil can dent and ding whenever anything hits it. Over 25 years ago, in the late 80′s we developed a system to bond a heavier gauge aluminum with extruded aluminum trim attaching to your screen room without ugly surface mounted screws. The heavier aluminum coil lays flatter on the wall and is more durable. This process takes a little longer, and costs a bit more, but looks 100 times better. Later in the 90′s we started using cement siding as an alternative to aluminum coil. The cement siding comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY and will not dent or ding like aluminum. Also, cement siding is available with a stucco, cedar wood grain or smooth finish and may be painted to match your home.
  • Your Screen Room will be measured with a laser transit. This machine detects the pitch of your concrete deck and allows us to fabricate your walls in our factory on level saw and assembly tables, not on the ground in your back yard like most companies.
  • Most screen rooms are built with angle brackets or clips that are surface mounted and exposed. Our screen room walls utilize the Superior aluminum hidden faster system. Our system places the brackets inside the aluminum framework, therefore the brackets which fasten the uprights to the cross members are securely placed inside the aluminum extrusion instead of on the outside.
  • Your Elite screen room comes standard with 6″ seamless gutter, just like your house. Our roof trim and gutter is the method Elite Roof Systems recommends.
  • All Elite Roof Systems are sealed with solar seal power bond seam tape. With over 36 years experience installing Elite Roof Systems we know what works and what doesn’t. Just caulking a roof seam here in Florida does not work. Just adding seam tape to a roof seam does not work. Our proven system does work.
  • All screen rooms are built to exceed Florida’s Building Code. Each Screen Room comes with Site Specific Engineering and is custom designed to fit your lifestyle.

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Great Job!

Sep 07, 2012 by Emily & Tim

We just wanted to say thank you again for the great job you and your staff did in building the screened-in porch/patio on the back of our home! We are enjoying it thoroughly, and wonder why we waited so long to do it!

Thank you all for your professionalism and great quality of work!

Aug 10, 2012 by Jelena

Dear Employees of Superior Aluminum,I just wanted to thank you all for your professionalism and great quality of work! I am really impressed and am loving my screened in patio! I especially would like to thank Tom and Walter who worked from morning till night to finish, and did an exceptional job. Their courtesy and hard work and professionalism is definitely an asset to your company!Once again thank you all, and may God bless all of you and your families and your company!

Thanks to everyone for our perfect screened room

Jun 09, 2011 by Bruce J. Barrieau

To Superior Aluminum,Thanks to everyone for our perfect screened room. Everything went smooth from the design to installation. Thank you also for pushing the job to be finished for our son’s 1st birthday party.Tim Orie was very helpful throughout the entire process and I would recommend Superior Aluminum to anyone getting a screened in room.Thanks again,

Very pleasant and professional.

Mar 14, 2011 by Michelle & Jim

The work crew, Mike and Will, were very pleasant and professional and did a very efficient job.It was a pleasure doing business with you and we wish you all the best

Superior Aluminum 407-678-0500 3005 Forsyth Rd Winter Park FL, 32792 USA 5.0 5.0 4 4 We just wanted to say thank you again for the great job you and your staff did in building the screened-in porch/patio on the back of our home! We are enjoying it thoroughly, and w