Concrete Deck Orlando

Let Superior be your concrete contractor. Our projects include driveways, concrete floors, concrete patios, and concrete walkways.

Pouring a Concrete Floor

Pouring a Concrete Floor


We specialize in concrete floor additions for screen rooms and sun rooms.  We are a State Licensed Specialty Contractor SCC056770.  When adding concrete for a room addition be sure to pull a building permit.  We have replaced many concrete patios that were never permitted.

For concrete additions be sure and pre treat the soil for termites.  This must be done by a licensed pest control company, they will leave a certificate indicating that the soil is treated.  Because concrete is porous,  a vapor barrier needs to be installed to prevent radon gas from leaching through the concrete and into the room addition.

Room additions many need to have a footer installed.  Concrete footers are installed when erosion is a concern and when additional support is needed to carry the weight of the room addition.

Concrete Slab Ready for Inspection

Ready for the Building Inspector