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Choose the Latest in Florida Room Design in Winter Park, FL

It’s likely that if you’ve ever considered ways to improve your home, you’ve thought about adding more space. It’s an effective way to increase your enjoyment level while also adding to the value of your residence. Perhaps a sunroom is your preference, and in that case, you should call upon a firm known for Florida room design in Winter Park, FL.

At Superior Aluminum Installations, Inc. we specialize in learning the details of your plans and visions for a new addition to your home and then go about bringing those visions to life.

Unique to You

There are standard sunrooms that companies offer, but we find it’s better and more effective for you if we take the time to work with you to plan a room with the options you want. From our standpoint, this is a much better path to sunroom design and far outweighs just showing up with a standard package that features limited, or no options. With our approach, you get a room which is unique to you and fulfills all your wishes.

Blending into Your Budget

When we are working to bring your design to life, we work to fit it into your budget. We provide a range of options from category 2 enclosures up to category 5 additions. Each sunroom category is governed by unique building, energy, and electrical codes. We follow all these codes precisely, so you know that your new room is safe and secure.

For example, a category 2 room uses windows made from vinyl or acrylic. These windows feature warning stickers which say the windows must be removed when winds exceed 75 mph to prevent damage. Category 2 rooms do not meet code for an AC unit.

A category 3 room meets the wind and design pressure for hurricane force winds, but do not meet the energy code for an AC unit. Category 4 rooms adhere to codes for design pressure and hurricane force winds as well as the energy code. They are approved for the installation of air conditioning and will require electrical outlets.

A Company You Can Trust

We have been designing and providing sunroom patio enclosures since 1972 and have earned many awards for our work throughout Florida. Our showroom provides examples of all our window and door options, so you will learn exactly what you are getting. Seeing is believing so drop down today.

Contact us to find out more about our sunrooms. We proudly serve customers in Winter Park, FL, and the surrounding area.



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