Peel & Seal

Peel & Seal® PowerBondWhite 250is the ideal choice to tape seams on insulated aluminum panels to create a lasting, waterproof bond. It is also an excellent choice as a flashing material, for roof and gutter repair, window flashing and as a general purpose waterproofing membrane. The product can be applied in temperatures as low as 25°F, perfect for low temperature applications. After installation, Peel & Seal® PowerBond White 250 may be exposed to sunlight indefinitely.
Peel & Seal® PowerBondWhite 250 Features• Excellent waterproof/weatherproof membrane• Available in 4” or 6” widths by 50’ length• Aggressively sticks to most surfaces• Single-ply, one-step installation• Puncture and abrasion resistant

• Flexible design – conforms to odd shapes

and stretches for building movement

• Lightweight, easy to handle and install

• Compatible with EPDM roofs by utilizing

WeatherBond™ Primer

• 12-Year limited warranty

The key to the effectiveness of Peel & Seal®PowerBond White 250 is a highly aggressiveasphalt adhesive that is combined with a UVstable outer film to form a long-lasting protectivebarrier. The product is thinner than Peel & Seal®,making it easier to install while having the same

performance values. Peel & Seal® PowerBond

White 250 – the ultimate choice!


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